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Volume I

A New Beginning: The Post Covid Era

The Lion’s Share is a student-led business journal written by St. Mark’s School of Texas high-school students. Providing a launching point for further exploration of the financial word, this volume focuses on both the worldwide and local impact of the coronavirus on businesses through digestible yet nuanced stories. From covering student-lead endeavors to global changes within the oil and gas industry, The Lion's Share provides a fully encompassing perspective.


Evan Lai '22

Pranay Sinkre '22


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Section 1

Personal Finance

With the advent of online banking and accessible investment apps, the average individual seemingly has an overwhelming selection of tools. This section focuses on introducing basic topics within this expansive field so that one can better traverse the financial world.


Section 2

Coronavirus Impact

The wide-ranging impact of the virus has already been extensively analyzed, but many overlook the local effect on small businesses. This section provides stories detailing how the Preston Hollow community in Dallas has recovered while simultaneously covering further reaching impacts of the pandemic on the economy.


Section 3

Business Insights

Many industrious individuals have been able to adapt to these difficult times. Focusing on our student body, a few students have launched their own startup organizations and companies. Furthermore, this section details practices that businesses should implement while considering profit.